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Monday, September 20, 2004

India - Pak match ... non-cricketing stuff

Gavaskar senior was watching the match and since he isn't commentating for ESPN-STAR (I guess not since they don't have the rights) I guess he is here to cheer on sonny boy. Or maybe ESPN-STAR is giving pre-match and post-match analysis as they did during the world cup ... here in India, in most places ESPN-STAR is blocked by the cable operators so no idea if that may be the case.

Filmstar Hrithik Roshan was around .... two day stubble, white shirt unbuttoned at top, cellphone in hand ... there was a lady with him who was Suzanne Khan (I guess). Sunil Gavaskar and Hrithik Roshan spent quite some time chatting together. Sonny boy in for a filmi career somewhere in the future?

Rohan Gavaskar oughta really listen to his dad commentating sometimes .... when batsmen get run out or just survive, Gavaskar points out from replays that the batsman did not run the bat into the crease "as is taught even at school level, Geoffery" but just plonked it down inside the crease. Well, Gavaskar Jr. did that once ... matter went to the third umpire and he survived. Didn't he learn that in school .... and doesn't he watch TV?

The Pepsi people have this new ad whereby the secret of the great Indian huddle is given ... the players are huddled together and the commentator (radio one) in the background is waxing about "ye huddle poori duniya mein ek joint family ka prateek ban gaya hai" [lmao ... great one chaps] and the truth of the matter is - there opens up a hole in the ground right in the center of the huddle, away from prying eyes, and a kid pops out half way with plenty of pepsi bottles on a tray and all the players use these extra-long straws to finish their pepsi. The pepsis finish, the kid goes back and the huddle breaks up. Good one.

SET MAX had this one decent guy on their team (and there aren't many, Mandira "The Body" included) who does some mean imitations of the players. He talked like Tony Grieg till Grieg himself (also on the SET MAX team) came and chased him away, then mimed Tendulkar talking about the "hope the team plays well" and finally Inzy hamming away about "ladkon ne bahut mehnat ki hai ... umeed yahi hai ki hum acchi batting karenge, acchi bowling karenge aur acchi fielding karenge ... inshallah".

Thankfully they seem to have left Maria Ghoretti out of the program ... but Srikkanth and Kapil, exciting as they were in their heydeys, are boring as hell when they give their "expert" comments.


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