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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Katich ... Dumb

Yesterday when wickets kept falling in a heap, Katich was standing at one end throughout ... he came in at number 3 and was unbeaten at the end ... what a bloody waste of a number 3. In the past, I have had the chance to feel frustrated when the Indians would get out before their time (according to me) coz they didn't have the brains to protect their tail and make the most of any of the main batsman's precense in the middle .... Laxman has gotten stuck with the tail on so many occassions and I would always be like - idiot, don't give the strike to A, B and C ... if possible, don't let them face at all except when u really tried but couldn't avoid it.

Katich's batting was a repeat of that feeling except that I wasn't that frustrated ... let the Aussies screw themselves if they want. As long as even Gilly was present, it was ok ... he is a main bat and there was no need for urgency. Katich and Gilly were well capable of getting Australia back on track. But when Gilly got out, Katich should have taken command. He didn't. The Australian tail is better than most tails in the world but then a tail is a tail is a tail .... u never know what happens with them. Hence as the main batsman remaining, he should have hogged the batting and also opened out in terms of scoring ... as it was, he remained not out on 30 odd ... what a bloody waste. He also didn't look to protect the tail and willingly took singles to let the tail face a rampaging Kumble and Bhajji ... in fact, the one time he opened up and hit Kumble for a straight four over his head was off the last ball of the over ... meaning the other guy (tail ender) faced the next over.

I think Katich dyed his hair ... he is actually blonde.

I talked about Patel's keeping skills ... one thing I missed out was when he muffed a routine take off the fast bowlers and the ball rolled back and hit the helmet which was kept behind ... giving the Australians 5 penalty runs. Not saying this coz the Indians got the short end of it ... but what a dumb rule. Yes, the helmet, when worn is ok but when kept on the ground is a foreign object and the ball hitting it affects the speed of the ball and all that ... but 95% of the times when the ball hits the helmet on the ground, it is rolling at a speed which really won't it too far along ... and just coz it hit the helmet, 5 runs r penalized. Sounds dumb to me. What is the fielding team supposed to do with the helmets when not using them for their keeper / forward short leg etc ... slip them into their pockets? Or send them out of the field and then get them back when they need them ... and send them back again next over and get back them back two balls later?

Anyway, cheers ... Pathan is gone and Sehwag and Dravid are batting. According to me, there is no damage yet coz I never considered Yuvi as a contributor in this match ... and Pathan after all is not a specialist ... would have been better if he had contributed more but we are still left with Sehwag / Dravid / Laxman / Gangs / Kaif.

Warne is gonna get hammered ... oh boy, he is.

The Chuckster


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