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Friday, October 08, 2004

234/8 ... this is getting tight

40 short of avoiding a follow on.

Patel is gone at this time and one might think India's chances to save the follow on. However, Kumble seems to be intent on staying out there ... he is batting on 17 ... and Bhajji is on 3. In Bhajji's case, 5 overs later he might be in the pavillion or he might be batting on 33 so we still can't lose hope.

Zaheer among the lower order is probably the hardest hitter ... he hits them hard and long when he does decide to hit them. Best part is that he almost goes straight so there is no cross batting involved.

I wouldn't rule out India yet ... not yet. Heh heh!!! This is exciting.

BTW, Pathan's dismissal was a no-no ... from all reports, there was a mile between bat and ball ... if Bucknor had given it, there would have been a major hue and cry ... but it being the man with the crooked finger, NZ's very own Billy Bowden, it will die out as "ok, so he could have done better".

Friend of mine told me Bowden compensated by giving Patel not out ... I myself was elsewhere when this happened. Sounds lousy ... he gave that guy out by mistake ... but made up for it by not giving this guy out when he was. Bloody hell, that makes TWO mistakes instead of one.

As I publish this one, score has moved to 242 for 8 ... oh oh, it is just 244/9 ... Bhajji gone ... man, I am getting nervous here.

Go India!!!


The Chuckster


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