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Monday, September 27, 2004

Wanted - The Old Tendulkar ... Post Script

Hi all

I had promised a piece on Tendulkar some days back ... and Rediff did carry it. So in case u missed it, here is the link -

I was really amazed by the response to this piece. Ok, since I wrote it, I expect the best from it but still ... 230 emails in my box plus about 2700 hits to my blog in two days. Whew! I bet I wouldn't have gotten 10% of the responses had this been an article about Dravid. Love him or hate him, SRT evokes feelings in all Indians like no one else does.

Just a couple of comments -

  • About 95% of the responses told me that they echoed the feelings of the article. About 5% of the responses told me to get my head examined and wondered if I was connected to the ISI network of Pakistan. To all of u, thanx for the responses.
  • No, comparing his current play with a "defective" Rahul Dravid from four years ago is not meant as an insult to Dravid. Today Dravid is amazing; four years back, he was just plain good. And a "defective" version of that ... well, it just doesn't reflect on Dravid. So guys, relax.
  • Again, many of you have talked about Tendulkar's services to the game of cricket over 16 years and stuff like that. Well, I have no response to that simply coz I never questioned his services. His batting style of today has nothing to do with his services of the past 16 years. I am the general public ... we want "paisa vasooli" ... we r not getting that.
  • A lot of you mentioned SRT's play in the World Cup of 2003 to prove that I was talking nonsense. The way I look at it, the reason why I am still hopeful (and the reason why I wasted time writing an article like this) is because the World Cup of 2003 proved that the shackles are self imposed and he can break those shackles when he wants. Seriously, if I doubted his ability today (age / injury etc ... many reasons you guys have given ... and which I agree to partially) I wouldn't have written this article. I am not a journalist ... I get no money for these articles ... so there is no reason to write something for heck sakes of it.
  • Today when Tendulkar comes into bat, rival skippers don't immediately feel the pressure ... instead they go on the attack ... just pass ur minds back to the series of the last couple of years and u will realize what I am saying. This is Tendulkar ... and they actually try to attack him. Would they have tried that some years back? Would they have dared?

There was a comment in the article about "McGrath 3 overs 3 maidens ... and then 6 overs 33 runs" ... When I watched this match, I was with a couple of friends, and after the 6th over, when McGrath was walking away with a bemused look on his face, shaking his head repeatedly, one friend literally rolled on the ground, with tears streaming from his eyes and screaming - "Abe Ramu ... look at his (McGrath's) face ... look at it ... HA HA HA HA" .... that actually captures the essence of what I want to say. That is the Tendulkar I want to see, not the Sydney 241 one.

Anyway, enjoyed the responses to the article. Had to mass reply to handle all the mails and if u haven't got ur reply yet, u will soon.


The Chuckster


  • At Tuesday, September 28, 2004 11:34:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I believe this opinion is shared by most of the cricket loving people.
    To take it forward I guess Sachin is playing for records and not as once we witnessed... remember Sharjah when it was not India v/s Australia but it was Sachin v/s Australia.

    Hope Sachin actually reads this article.

  • At Friday, October 01, 2004 12:15:00 AM, Blogger KSJ said…

    Vivian Richards vs Sachin Tendulkar

    I am posting this is response to chuckster's article comparing Vivian Richards to SRT. In my opoinion there is no comparison between the two as both cricketers belong to different ages.

    Richards was playing for the all conquering WI side led by Lyold. Richards would walk in when the WI team already had a good total on the board, he was rarely be under pressure and would immediatly launch a d0-or-die murderous attack on the bowlers. During the 1973 WI tour of India, everbody thought India would take advantage of the game when we had Kallicharan out, but Richards launched a blitzkerg attack on the Indian bowlers and WI posted 600 over runs to win that Mumbai Test. It was Ricahrd's debut series, he had scored 192 in Delhi and that was the start of Richard's glorious career. He did reall y well because he played for the WI and my memory is right the beginning of the WI cricket slump started when Richards became skipper ( after Lyold, Fedricks, Gomes, Roberts and other senior crickets retired) when he continued to play his brand of cricket when the team need consistency from him as as senior player.

    Tendulkar on the other hand belonged to an Indian team which needed runs from him, a failure on his part would spell doom for his team. Even when the his form was bad he has put up a good score against his name and mind you Tendulkar rarely fails. During the recent tour of Australia, Tendulkar was off colour but he stood his ground in making 241 and saving India, thus ensuring a 1-1 result which nobody dreamt. Now what would have happened if SRT just swung his bat and got out for a quick 50? india would have probably lost that Test...Nowadays Tendulkar plays according to the situation, he attaches a value to his wicket. He can explode when he wants to but will do it only when the situation permits so...

    I posted this on my blog y'day ( but since there was no comments I am posting it a comment. Also see Sachin's interview on Wisden Asia where he talks about it batting!!!

  • At Friday, October 01, 2004 6:23:00 PM, Blogger KSJ said…

    Akash Chopra vs Yuvraj Singh
    India should persist with Chopra at least for the First Test and see what happens. Akash has done very well in Australia/Pakistan and his 30's and 40's were very valuable knocks, always giving Shewag the leverage to attack the bowling. A big score is surely on the cards, now that he is playing at home. Yuvaraj on the other hand has matured very well, his century for Mumbai vs the Australians is a testimony to this and should Chopra fail the first two then it will be Yuvaraj/ Shewag in the third.

  • At Saturday, October 02, 2004 11:16:00 AM, Blogger Nakul Mandan said…

    How does one submit a guest article to Rediff?

  • At Thursday, October 07, 2004 2:31:00 AM, Blogger Chuck Inn said…

    One guy asked how to submit a guest article at Rediff ... sorry for the late reply.

    I just type it out and send it in word document format to Ivan Crasto, who is sports editor (I think). His email id is "" ... he never replies back so there is no way of knowing whether they will carry ur article or not ... unless u see it one day on the Rediff site. Sometimes it even happens that his spam filter will block ur mail ... so make sure to send it to him more than once ... ;-)

    Hope this helps.


    The Chuckster


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