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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

No posts for long

Hi guys
Thanx for so many comments to my previous post ... in fact, making posts on this blog is so much better coz I know people are reading and discussing the points I make and bringing forth their own points. It is most appreciated.

I know there haven't been posts for the past twenty days or so ... but tell me, really ... what kinda posts can I make without matter ... I could post about non-India related cricket but while that interests me a lot (I always keep track of all matches going on), it doesn't really inspire me to write about it. Also, work in office has been so hectic for the past month, my two month old marriage is on the rocks (just kidding) ... I go home at 9 PM and 10 PM everyday and my wife is so damn pissed at me, it ain't funny at all. So bear with me, guys.

One request to u all ... those of u who haven't subscribed by email yet, do so. This is coz I don't want to make posts at some point of time and find that no one reads them coz they r tired of coming over and not finding a fresh post. Once u subscribe by email, u will get an email whenever a post is made on this blog. The email feature wasn't working for a while but it is now fixed. Anytime u feel that the email thingy has bust again, post a comment here and I will fix it.

Two things to add on this post - One, after almost an year or more, ESPN / START Sports is back on air in A.P. Three cheers for that.

Secondly, Sania Mirza meets Serena Williams in the third round of the Aussie Open tennis. Who would have thought of something like this some time back ... of course, being in AP, I have been tracking Sania's progress over the past two years ... the papers here really give a lot of coverage to their own players.

I don't think she will win ... or has a chance in hell ... but who cares ... I liked her statement on winning the second round - "I am excited to be playing Serena ... I want to see how hard she really hits the ball" ... LMAO ... go girl!!!

A final note to FILBERT ... about the unparliamentary language to one of ur comments, sorry pal, but I can't do anything about it. Editing / deleting the comments is not in my hands ... at least I haven't investigated if I can do it. As far as I know, I can't do anything about it ... when I get some time, I will check out the options available ... but don't bank on it.


The Chuckster


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