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Thursday, September 01, 2005

good one from PremP's blog

Clive told the story of how one time, Sobers reached the dressing room a couple of moments before the toss, said oh, good, you guys are all here, shucked his blazer, went out, tossed, came back in, said we are fielding, and led his team out. As they were walking to the middle, he tossed the ball to Wes Hall and went, 'You bowl... the rest of you guys scatter!'
That, apparently, was the art of captaincy, according to Sir Gary.

The link is here - - This is in the last para of the first post of the page.

BTW, if Sania Mirza does get past her third round opponent, she will hook up with Maria Sharapova in the fourth round ... and who will the Indian guys cheer then? Heh heh ... Sharapova is the queen in the minds of guys I know simply coz she is so ... delicious ... but I don't think they ever thought of this one - Sharapova or Sania.

Read a few comments about fashion designers commenting on Sania's wardrobe needing a major facelift and about Sania "definitely not with it". Can the stupids shut up please ... request from Chuck. Sania has also been facing some questions over the tee shirts she wears ... with cheeky messages like "good girls don't become famous" and "Am I cute" etc etc etc *not quoted verbatim ... just as I remember it*. As she replied to one question about what statement she was making - I am not making a statement ... i am just wearing a tee shirt ... hell, I am 18.

Anyway, the nation's mania regarding Sania is something fresh for everyone ... but really, salutations to Deccan Chronicle in Hyderabad, which was covering Sania even four-five years back when she was a nobody playing nonsense sattelite tournament matches in nowhere-land. As I have written before, it was Sania's mom who did all the run around to get her daughter's results published in the papers - it is not as if Deccan Chronicle took the trouble of finding our how she was faring - but the paper still gave it a good coverage space. Deccan Chronicle is a Hyderabad based paper and Mirza is Hyderabadi ... but even then ... these chaps r really devoted to their own ... and need applause for that.

Go Sania!!!


The Chuckster


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