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Sunday, December 25, 2005

a short one - S Ramesh for Kerala?

Sadagoppan Ramesh in a match between Kerala and Jharkhand?

Anyone have any idea on whether this is the Sadagoppan Ramesh of "What Debang Gandhi ... on these pitches even Mahatma Gandhi will score a century" fame?



  • At Monday, December 26, 2005 5:40:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    He's the same. Scored a century for kerla not too long ago and thats why he caught my attention. Not a bad move IMO, but could've chosen a different team like bengal, up, baroda, railways, not that it would've been easy.

  • At Monday, December 26, 2005 8:11:00 AM, Blogger Crick_Love said…

    It is the same old Sadagopan Ramesh. He felt (perhaps) that TN is not assuring him of a spot in the opener role, with the emergenece of Anirudha Srikanth. Anirudha is the son of former TN great Srikanth and has the usual backing with his pedigree but after a string of low scores, is out for the good now. Ramesh had it in him to be a great India opener but threw it away but I also think that he was not well backed by his own state team and they repeatedly made him feel insecure.

  • At Monday, December 26, 2005 10:56:00 PM, Anonymous S on Cricket said…

    Sad....very very sad!! :-((

    S Ramesh is probably one of India's better talented openers and that he ha s to play for Kerala to be in First Class cricket shows the dirty politics in Indian cricket. With Srinivasan in power with the Pawar camp I do not see Ramesh heading anywhere towards rehabilitation. It is going to be very tough.

    And to think that they keep him out when TN struggles against most opposition to score beyond 300 with the openers repeatedly reeks of prejudice and politics.

    Maybe - Ramesh could start off again but this time with his mouth firmly shut!

  • At Wednesday, December 28, 2005 7:42:00 PM, Anonymous Rohit said…

    pitches ramesh was refering to was indian pitches against test class bowling . If you check his FC record in his 173 innings against Ranji class bowlers he has managed 16 100s. So by his standards his batting was worse that mahatma gandhi

  • At Wednesday, December 28, 2005 8:00:00 PM, Blogger Prabu said…


    Ramesh is having a blast this season, so far. Hoping he would catch the attention of the selectors again with some bigger scores. He is certainly the one opener we threw away that did not have a major failed series.

  • At Wednesday, December 28, 2005 9:48:00 PM, Blogger Ananth said…


    Nice blog on Cricket. I am a regular visitor here. btw, Anirudha Srikanth is a bit flashy and couldnt convert the starts. Ramesh is busy with TV programmes too. It will be very difficult for ramesh to make a comeback with Wasim, Dheeraj, Robin going strong.


  • At Wednesday, January 18, 2006 3:38:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ramesh has the best of records next only to sehwag when it comes to opening. and all his runs came against very decent attacks. Even his last inning was a fighting 50 against Lanka. But for strange reasons, TN players are continued to be ignored. The list is endless. Sriram, Ramesh,Badani,Balaji, T Kumaran,D Vasu, Sunil Subramaniam, Reuben Paul and more.

  • At Sunday, January 22, 2006 12:07:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Come on sriram

    All of us are waiting for the india-pak post.Seems like you are really busy...


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