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Friday, January 19, 2007

Racism and all that ... and Gavaskar

I found this one very funny .... it seems "animals" is a racist comment. At least from what I can get from the media reports, Gibbs has been banned for a comment callinng the Pakistani players or spectators (I am not clear as to which exactly) as "animals".

Ummmm ... "basturd" is not a problem ... "muther focker" is not a problem ... "focking indian bustard" (from what I could lip read of Nel in the SA test series) ... but "animals" is a problem.

Then our own Sunny Gavaskar was at it again! He prides himself on being the biggest deshbhakt ... his rants about the "Indian cap" r enough to make one puke ... still waiting for the day when he says "I am ashamed of the BCCI refusing to call this an Indian team ... and terming itself a private club and hence not responsible / answerable to the govt directives" ... of course he won't say that ever since that would be the end of all that lovely money he makes from the BCCI by being the consultant and advisor and chairman of various BCCI thingies at various points of time.

Anyways, Sunny bhai's rant can be understood fromm this para cut from this article -

During the course of the third and final Test earlier this month, it must be pointed out, Barry Richards had written a column in a South African newspaper which had enraged Gavaskar no end. He even wanted the entire media to confront him for writing that the South African team too was showing 'Indian fragilities'.

"In the South African context that is definitely a racist comment too. What does he mean by Indian fragilities," Gavaskar had thundered in Cape Town. "Such stereotyping of people and communities is just not on," he told TOI on Monday evening.

Barry responded by saying that maybe he should have phrased his wordings as "Indian batting fragilities". Well, he could have but when a cricketer is talking about cricket, it is really understood what is meant! Only a nitpicker like Gavaskar could have picked this one up and made a fuss about it.

My opinion of Gavaskar has never been good (as a commentator or judge of cricket ... coz he is too biased) and things like this just increase my irritation.

Some days back he had written some other article wondering who shoudl be punished for Pathan's situation .... in typical Sunny fashion he didn't take names but made it clear he means Greg Chappell. Well, sure Pathan's batting capabilities were made full use of by the Chappell / Dravid regime but I doubt if either of them told him not to focus on his bowling. Pathan loses his swing and with that his bite ... and "someone" is to blame for it? Not Pathan?

I am waiting for the day Sunny Gavaskar becomes the coach of the Indian team ... firstly, I think he will never have the balls to do that coz right now he can sit on his high horse and criticize everyone and everything and sound righteous and patriotic at the same time. If he becomes the coach, he will become accountable ... and I doubt if he will let that happen.

In all likelyhood Chappell will get the boot after the world cup ... he has made few friends and his way of doing things has not produced the results he (and we) had hoped for. I still believe the Chappell way but I am sure the Indian board / public will not have patience to let the results come ... for them, they results have to come "today". So surely, he will be out coz there is no way I can see the Indian team winning the cup ... and anything short of that will be met with "oh hey, even last time with the Gangs / Wright combo, we made the finals ... what is to shout about in getting a semi / final place in 20007".

Sunil Gavaskar ... I really hope and pray u get the job. I would enjoy that sooooo much!


The Chuckster


  • At Thursday, February 01, 2007 9:26:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Chucked another one. A Brit might have said "Thats Not Cricket".

    Mr. Gavaskar Biased??? he non-argubaly the best ambassador of Cricket from South Asia.

    And about his commentry, he is one of the best from India along with Bhogle and Shastri.

    Bubble up from the bottom of your bottle, you probably would think better.

    Read most of your article here after your Rediff stunt. Here is what I have to say about your blog.... You probably need a sticker here which reads. "Drinking and Writting Is not Worth It" or that "Oily food makes Greasy Fool"


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