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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Reservations must for the cricket team

When will we implement reservation in the Indian cricket team? I am totally against the concept of reservation but if it is happening in educational institutions and also in the employment sector, why leave out the cricket team? I firmly believe that while reservation at the primary levels of education, when properly implemented and monitored, will lead to the benefits sought by the proponents of reservation, bring about a total of 49% reservation in the job sectors (public and private) and in the higher echelons of education will only lead to the lowering of standards.

I have struggled to get where I am today, and while that might not be exalted position held by CEOs and CFOs, I am doing ok! I competed with lakhs of students to get my MCA seat and then I competed with many others to get the company of choice from campus ... and I will be damned if someone says I had it easy coz I come from the "general" category. My dad didn't know anyone and we never paid a single paisa as capitation / bribe etc ... and if I can do it, so can others. Asking for reservation today, 60 years after independence, is akin to begging ... since anyways without it, we can't get the good jobs, lets twist up the entire scenario by asking it as our right ... play the "oppressed and backward" card to get what is rightfully not ours and what we rightfully can never earn in terms of merit.

Anyways, lets leave the topic of reservation's rights and wrongs ... and get back to cricket. If we get 49% reservations (including SC / ST / OBC etc) in Central Universities, government jobs, educational institutes and even in the private sector, we should definitely have it in the Indian cricket team. See, these cricketers earn lakhs and lakhs of rupees ... sums of money we could never imagine earning in one year (yes, in many years, we might earn what they earn in one year). Why should the oppressed and neglected people of this country miss out on this huge pile of wealth? Who gives a phuck if they cannot bat or bowl better than the guys presently in the team ... they have credentials that r beyond all this ... they have a certificate stating their status for free lunch ... or a free shot at the riches showered on the cricketers. I really feel they shouldn't let this golden opportunity go.

I don't know who among the present set of cricketers is brahmin and who is not ... neither do I know or care about any other details of caste / sub-caste etc ... but when the rest of the country is moving in this bold direction of giving equality to the oppressed people, can the cricket board (under Pawar, a Congress ally) be far behind? We should immediately implement the law so that of a squad of 15 at least 7 should be from the SC / ST / OBC category.

Or we can wait ... till the self-immolations happen and r forgotten ... till the protestors fade out ... and when the proposal (as it is now) becomes law. Maybe the world cup would be over by then ... maybe Chappell would be gone by then ... or imagine having to tell the poor chap - "Mahender Singh Dhoni is a brahmin (have no idea, really ... just for argument sakes) ... so we sacked him and replaced him with ABC ... he keeps worse then Parthiv Patel and bats worse than Anil Kumble ... but he is one of the 7 selected on the basis of bringing up his community / caste which has been oppressed for years.

LOL ... feeling sick even as I laugh about it.


The Chuckster

P.S. - For those of u who think I make light of a serious issue facing the country ... yes, I make light of it coz that is the only way I can see of making people know my anguish. Cricket is something the entire country associates itself with ... hence the co-relation between reservations and cricket.


  • At Thursday, April 13, 2006 2:09:00 AM, Blogger Ananthoo said…

    a painful n shameful policy..
    point well made but..
    one thing sure..we will never learn to play long as VPsinghs and arjun singhs rule the roost..

  • At Thursday, April 13, 2006 2:23:00 AM, Anonymous Soumitra Kandpal said…

    That was very well written. But why stop just at cricket. We should have reservation in every field. How about a special quota in Railway Tickets. It will go a long way in uplifting the status of the OBC's and of course boost the vote bank of the politicians


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