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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

As SRT and Dravid battle it out

Day 5 ... 270 odd required and two wickets down. SRT and Dravid in the middle ... this is what test cricket is all about.

SRT has been a great player and even his harshest critics can't deny him that title. However, it is often how people go out that lingers on in the mind ... and it is not as if SRT is on his way out of international cricket today but he is definitely no spring chicken.

SRT's past will remain glorious ... and it is upto him to ensure how we remember his last days (last years???). Sourav Ganguly had a very good career ... in fact, at one time, he was India's best ODI bat and this was when SRT was also playing very well. However, his exit wasn't pretty and when one thinks of Ganguly in the coming years, the image that might come could be of a lazy whiner rather than a glorious captain. Similarly for Kapil Dev who in his last days in international cricket evoked more comments of "wish he would get that damned record and get lost" than any of praise. Sounds cruel but for me, that much is true.

How will we remember SRT ... this test might be a factor when we remember SRT after his retirement, whenever that might be.


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