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This is a site about drinking beer, eating chips and thinking cricket. I am not a former player, a television commentaror or a journalist; my qualification to being worthy of hearing is that I drink a lot of beer, eat a lot of chips and think a lot about cricket. The thoughts need not be politically correct and often include colourful language but there will be no deliberate bias towards any player, community or state. I don't care about popular opinion or perceptions and I speak it as I see it.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Just a couple of links

Click here for the story of Indian cricketers and Dhobi discount

Also there seems to be some controversy over Sania Mirza's breakup with Shahar Peer of Israel as a doubles partner ... basically, Sania didn't want to invite the wrath of the muslim community by playing with an Israeli player. What hogwash!!!


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