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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dhoni's six and "fan support" comments

I have read a lot of descriptions of the six Dhoni hit a match back ... over midwicket and which made people talk coz it was the most un-cricket like stroke u could ever see. Given below is an excerpt from Prem Panicker's blog.

Click here the match report in which Dhoni hit this six

Dhoni then rubbed gratuitous salt into the injury with a shot to which no name has yet been given – a whirl of feet and arms and bat, that propelled an attempted yorker miles over the wide midwicket fence.

Anyways, I thought I woudl add my own description to the shot. If I had to describe it in words, I would say - "Imagine the hammer throw competition in the olmmpics ... the athletes whirl the hammer (while holding it by its chain thingy) around and around and around and around ... and finally let go. So at the time they actually let go, what would be their stance / position of body etc. Dhoni was somewhat the same when he hit this six.

I have said this before and I will say it again ... he is one of the ugliest batsmen around but damn, he can be devastating.

As for his recent comments about not getting the fans support (alluding to the Mumbai test among instances), really these cricketers do get a huge ego when they come into the national team. Also, there was Yuveraj in a recent interview here to LP Sahi from Telegraph India, Calcutta ... where he says in response to the Mumbai crowd booing of SRT - The Mumbai crowd shocked me... It’s okay if an Yuvraj or somebody else gets booed, but Sachin? Those who showed such disrespect should have spent the money educating themselves instead of turning up at the Wankhede.

So now Yuveraj has the right to make insulting remarks about people who felt they were being short changed by bad performances of the players??? From what reports I have followed, no one shouted abuses related to mother and sister related activities ... no one threatened to perform un-natural sex acts on him ... what they were doing is booing and whistling to display their displeasure at a performance from a player they had come far and wide to watch. Not just in that match ... this feature is becoming a regular in matches now irrespective of Sunil Gavaskar's love for his "little champion".

So no one can boo SRT ... no one can whistle to show his displeasure at pathetic shots from a once-great player. Otherwise they need education ... and Yuveraj Singh is the voice of God who decides what the public of India spend their hard earned money on.

We have fawned on these cricketers for so long that they have lost touch with reality. The Indian fans r today no different from what they have always been - fickle. But as a paying public, who invest time, money and emotional quotient - many times more than the players, I believe - they definitely have the right to applaud the good efforts and boo the bad efforts. Yuveraj and Dhoni r talking like beggars now ... asking for alms in the form of praise from the public. If and when the players have been worth it, they have earned the cheers of the Indian public which has never shied away from celebrating its heroes.

Anyways, Yuveraj is 24 years old and Dhoni something similar (dunno exactly how much) ... I am sure they r now men of the world and we can expect many more worldly-wise comments from them. LOL.


The Chuckster


  • At Friday, April 07, 2006 4:39:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    nice post, beat some sence in to cricketers heads

  • At Sunday, April 16, 2006 6:41:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    leave your comments to your self. for a person who can't even spell Yuvraj, have no right to say anything about him and Dhoni. They are a very good cricketers and i don't think you can reach up to their level. There are way better than you as a person and crickters representing our country, so keep the comments to yourself


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