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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Aussies - booo hooooo hoooo

Btw, these Australians are strange people. They r great cricketers and competitors but sometimes u wonder if they even know what they r talking about ... whether they r just too dumb to realize it or so conceited that they think they have a point?

Some time back there was this crusade launched by wonder-keeper Gilly, where he decided to turn saint and preach about the morals of walking when out. Of course that didn't stop him from appealing voiceferously when replays clearly showed a couple of Indian batsmen (remember Pathan) not snicking it through to him behind the wicket. Why crookedness is ok when keeping and not ok when batting is something only Gilly can tell .... see, as a keeper he probably has the best idea (apart from the TV camera) as to what has touched the bat on the way through and what has not. Time and again, the camera shows Gilly's appeals to be as false as Agarkar's potential and Yuveraj's humility ... which he cannot be un-aware of. Yet, the guy has to talk noble about walking ... yep, he did walk and must be given credit for that ... but it is like a rapist cum robber being praised coz he decided rape was not good ... so he won't rape anymore ... but that doesn't stop him from robbing.

Ponting too is an example of this post - strange Aussies. Why he feels England shouldn't take advantage of every rule manipulation possible in the book, I don't know. England claim the substitute fielder who ran out Ponting was on for legitimate reasons as Simon Jones was in hospital for a scan / x-ray etc ... but really, I don't think they need have clarified. They could have just told Ponting to jump off the nearest cliff if he felt so aggrieved. I do believe Ponting was part of the team which in the last to last world cup (under Waugh) played slow cricket so they would achieve their target with a lesser net run rate ... and hence get the rivals of their choice to play against (or was it to knock out NZ ... man, this memory is going). He has bloody cheek to talk about the spirit of the game. If he digs up old videos of India's tour of Australia in 2000 (under Sachin), he will see a guy getting hit on the helmet grill and when the bowler comes up to see if he is ok, a volley of abuse follows .... if he takes off his moralistic sunglasses, he might realize that the guy in the old tapes is ..... HIMSELF. Screw the spirit of the game, Ponting old boy ... u got suckered and the world is laughing at u ... so am I .... HA HA HA.

I wrote in some previous post about 'Dizzy' Gillespie whining about the English crowd's behavior ... just thought would give a link to that one though u guys might have read it already -

BTW, my guess on the captaincy issue - if Ganguly averages less in this series (tri series plus test series) ... lets say, less than 30 (and at present, that looks HUGE for him) ... we will see a new captain next series. He has been escaping by the skin of his teeth for the past few months ... but if he doesn't perform soon, it will be either Chappell or him ... and the Board has invested too much money, publicy and hype in Chappell to throw him aside for a clearly on-the-decline Ganguly. Chappell is new on the job so he might not be judging Ganguly on a series or two ... but I am sure he will be giving his views on having a captain who doesn't deserve a place in the eleven on merit.


The Chuckster


  • At Friday, September 02, 2005 10:56:00 AM, Blogger Gopalblog said…


    I'm not as confident as you that the Board will chuck Gangs so easily. Even if they wanted to they'll have to get the captaincy away from him kicking and screaming. Or should that be calling (jaggu, I mean). The fiasco of captaincy before this series shows that it will be very difficult to strip SG of the captaincy. I mean only the SZ selector, VB Chandrashekar, even put up a dissenting opinion. That means four + chairman supported him. It'll take a lot to turn that around. While we are on the topic there is no way the Zim series should reflect on SG's fitness to take a batting spot. We've already seen him fail with the bat so far but if he has a good bat vs Zim in the next match and in 1 or 2 of the test innings does that really prove that it's OK to keep him in the team now? You can bet the dada-heads will be saying so. And if he fails there will be a new set of excuses as to why he should remain DESPITE the failures.

  • At Sunday, September 04, 2005 7:07:00 AM, Blogger Chuck Inn said…

    firstly i think it is time for a new set of selectors to take over. secondly, whoever the selectors might be, Dalmiya will decide if Gangs is captain or not.

    I think Dalmiya can only hold Gangs for so long ... else Dalmiya starts looking bad. I don't think Dalmiya will sacrifice himself for Ganguly .... Ganguly is the pawn here ... and can be sacrificed.


    The Chuckster


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