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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Yuveraj - which camp?

A quick word before I get down to the work of the day. I didnt include Yuveraj in the Ganguly camp earlier when I said Zaheer, Bhajji and Nehra would surely be behind Ganguly as it ensures their hassle-free life in the team. While Yuveraj may be indebted to Ganguly for the backing he has got from him, it is also a fact that Greg C's standards would be much more easier for Yuveraj to measure upto than for the other three. Yuveraj is a classy act in the ODIs and can be a devastating force ... only he is too busy being dashing to be great. Greg C might change that ... under Ganguly he will remain as is ... a dashing but irresponsible player who cannot be depended upon.

The main opponents of Greg C would be the lazies ... the rest, even if they groan under the workload, would recognize the soundness of the coach's advice.

Also, though I will post later in detail ... I think the time has come to bring the team into this. Bhajji went public yesterday and while the BCCI put a gag order on the entire team, for the problem to be solved in all its entierity, it is important to know what each and every player thinks of the situation. I don't mean they all should be paraded before Zee news and Aaj Tak ... but the BCCI review commitee or whoever is the deciding body ... should take the inputs of each and every member of the team ... senior or junior ... before deciding the just course of action.


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