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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Egg on my face?

I sent in an opinion piece to rediff (Ivan Crasto and Prem Panicker) to be carried on Rediff. This was an opinion piece I got inspired to write after reading this sentimental piece carried on Rediff some days back.

Don't know whether they carry it or not ... they never reply whether they will. If they do carry it soon, then man ... will it be a case of bad timing or what ... coz a certain Mr. Tendulkar, who scored his 41st ton today is featured a lot in my article.

Anyways, a ton here or a ton there doesn't really matter .... SRT is good enough to get a ton or two even when far from his best ... my article is not really about his performance but about the stupid adulation these chaps seem to get. But I know I will get feedback saying "so eat crow, dungbag". LOL!

I will put up the piece here on my blog if not carried by tomorrow. Since I wrote it, why waste it even if Rediff doesn't want it.

BTW, this guy who wrote the earlier Tendulkar piece ... hey, he got it on Hindustan Times too ... check this out. This one shows some editions that Rediff seems to have made ... of course the Rediff editors seem to have done a more polished job of presentation.

Looks like India will win the 4th ODI ... as I write this WI are 176/8 chasing India's target of 340 odd. Great ... all the cricketers will be heroes again.

Chalo cheers guys

The Chuckster


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