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Friday, January 19, 2007

SRT as vice captain ... and Greg C's reappointment

SRT become the vice captain of the team to "support the captain with his vast experience" ... hmmm, I thought he was already doing that all this while since he was the senior most cricketer in the team ... at least that is what everyone led us to believe.

A vice-captain has to be someone who could be a potential captain ... Sehwag was seen as such a candidate and hence his position as vice captain made sense ... similarly, Dravid as vice-captain under Gangs made sense. Now, after 7 years of declining captaincy aspirations and clearly stating his distaste for it, our man SRT in the latter stages of his illustrious career, decided he could be the one. Make no mistake, if he doesn't want to be captain, then accepting to be vice-captain at this stage will only be problematic for Indian cricket. If one has to sack Dravid after the world cup, will one make Sehwag / whoever the captain and retain SRT as the vice captain? Sounds dumb even when I say it.

Anyways I have never been a fan of idiot Sanjay Jha of ... but this one was worth reading - read his article here.

Another one from cricketnext -

This guy says - Why renew Greg's contract? ... Hmmm, this is the first time I heard of someone talking about renewing Greg's contract ... where did he get his info from or did he just have no other idea for an article and so hey, anything on Greg C always sells!!! LOL

BTW, the world cup would be a month long affair at best ... India might win it or they might lose in the prelims / quarters / semis / finals / whatever. Question is - whether Greg is a good coach or not and whether Dravid is a good captain or not ... does it really depend on that one month period when the players might / might not be in form ... the bowlers might / might not click ... the batsmen might / might not be middling the ball????

Really, the Chuckster thinks - Greg and Dravid have had more than an year together ... we, the public only get to see the matches when they r played and focus on the results. To judge the captain / coach, the board really ought to assess whether the two have given the direction to Indian cricket that should have been given? Is the path on which they have pointed Indian cricket correct? If yes, then they have succeeded irrespective of whether India wins the cup or just reaches the quarters. If no, then irrepective of a SRT / Gangs streak of runs taking India to a cup victory, these guys should be out.

Definitely, the result at the world cup should not be the decider ... hell, 1.5 years of hard work judged by one month of games in what is cheerfully called as "a game of uncertainities".



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