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This is a site about drinking beer, eating chips and thinking cricket. I am not a former player, a television commentaror or a journalist; my qualification to being worthy of hearing is that I drink a lot of beer, eat a lot of chips and think a lot about cricket. The thoughts need not be politically correct and often include colourful language but there will be no deliberate bias towards any player, community or state. I don't care about popular opinion or perceptions and I speak it as I see it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A lot of changes

All those who think the blog is dead ... well, u r almost right!!!

A lot happened in my life since my last posts, and yeah I know those weren't exactly very regular.

I shifted my location to outside India, I became a dad, and I have even less time than usual for blogging. However, I am still blogging for the website since of course, they pay me. To check out that blog, check out

In the next couple of posts, I will try to make up the links of those posts which I have put on

If anyone wants to contact me, I am available at and


The Chuckster


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