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Monday, September 26, 2005

Who's the next captain?

THough who knows the truth in anything coming in the media, I read this one and thought of sharing with u all -

I am surprised the question of captaincy (or the next captain, to be more precise) Magazine has raised hasn't come up in the media a lot ... coz it has definitely figured in the tea time debates between me and my office chums. The issue becomes significant more coz Dravid, the one guy whose input would be definitely taken on the issue (even if they don't take inputs from each and every member) has a lot to gain from this debate ... he may not wish to get the captaincy through a coup but if it is his evidence that shows Ganguly the door, his reputation could very well be tarnished beyond repair ... he is a strong man but he is also a clean man ... and while he will not back out of giving an opinion if asked, he won't be happy to do it ... this is in my honest opinion.

Could this be the re-introduction of Tendulkar, the captain?

Also in this report is Balaji as one of the lazies .... hmmm, I am surprised ... r u?

One other thing struck me - Do we understand that if now Ganguly stays and Chappell goes, this means Ganguly will play in the Indian XI till he himself retires and he will be untouchable for the rest of his career? Forget anything and everything ... no one can dare raise his voice against him coz if Ganguly can get Greg C thrown out, he can get anyone thrown out. Except Tendulkar, that is.


The Chuckster


  • At Monday, September 26, 2005 2:04:00 AM, Anonymous S on Cricket said…

    What is more worrying is this statement - Chappell has been so liberal with his scathing comments about a few players in his emails to his journalist friends, that some of these have got back to the players concerned. In them, he has called a couple of players "cancers" and this has made things worse in what is turning into a vicious fight to the finish

    Why is Chappell sharing his views with people in the media? These are not people to rely on unless this is just an insinuation and not the truth.


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