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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Amarnath's comment not creating a storm?

Recently Mohinder Amarnath put forward a theory which is not so new in tea sessions at office but never spoken about aloud officially, as on TV and on record.

He professed that SRT was bluffing when he squats down on his haunches when he gets bowled. We have seen it countless number of times ourselves, and wondered why only he gets these shooters. I even pointed out in one of my previous posts that hawk-eye suggested one of those "kept low" balls in which he was given LBW would actually have passed over the stumps. Hawk-eye might not be 100% accurate but at least this tells us the ball was not "that" low.

And there is no screaming, no hair pulling and scathing comments by greats ... it is not that they agree or disagree - it is just that the issue is boring. LOL - if a certain Greg Chappell had made the same comment (just an example - not saying he endorses it), by now the parliamentarians would be asking for his head.

I also wonder - if Mohinder Amarnath had become the coach of the team, when he competed with Chappell and Moody for the slot, would he ever have made such a comment? Yes, Jimmy is an outspoken guy but being in the team management and even thinking on those lines - isn't that a suicide mission?

Cheers all

The Chuckster


  • At Thursday, February 01, 2007 8:03:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I am cricket fan and play little bit of club cricket in USA. I am also a student of biomechanics, Now over years i have ruined by toe and back with soccer[nagging injuries] and its kind of irrepairable....I am having the same problem as sachin, ppl think i am aping sachin when i get out and have to sir down but fact of the matter is it has become an instinctive reaction by my body, i have to sit down to prevent pain and believe me the pain of these freakin niggling injuries really drive you crazy. Just another way to look at the situation and what i feel is some of sachin's shots have been subdued because of injuries, hey he is a MORTAL, remember :)

  • At Friday, February 02, 2007 8:50:00 AM, Anonymous Sugzter said…

    Thank you, I have been having the same kind of discussion with someone else and was starting to I all alone. There seems to be this need amongst us to appreciate mediocrity and give it the name of partiotise or loyalty. People often forget, cricket is a professional sport. I way loads of money to watch it on pay per view here in the US, and you bet your bottom dollar that I will criticize a bad performance. I dont get a pat on the back if I mess up at my job, just because I was brilliant over the last 3 years. Why should the same luxury be afforded to Tendulkar. If he is a "mere mortal" as claimed on his failures, then he must learn to accept criticism like the rest of us do.


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