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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

World Cup - catfight!!!

So Ponting and Gavaskar take swipes at one another ... LOL. Gavaskar is always so smug and Mr. Kno-it-all I am not surprised he pisses off people. Anyways, I think Ponting has other things to worry about right now with getting 11 fit men onto the field being the first priority. If the Aussies do win the world cup (and this time unlike last time, they don't look favorites from the start itself), that in itself would be a fitting reply to Gavaskar or anyone else. I don't think he should be bothering himself with these things right now.

As for Gavaskar, I am sure this will not be his first barb ... and indirectly I am sure he will be taking plenty of swipes at the Indian coach ... smart comments after watching the replays 10 times etc kind of thing. My call - if they do sack Greg C after this world cup, make Sunny the coach ... let people snicker at him for a change ... I am sure the Indian team will be no different under him than it was under Gaekwad and Madan Lal etc.

When he talks cricket, Sunny Gavaskar is one of the most interesting chaps to listen to ... but then he always brings in his agendas and nepotisms to the fore ... and that spoils the entire bowl of soup.

Chalo Cheers guys ... may the best team win ... ohhh, forget it ... may India win!!!

The Chuckster


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