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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Gangs wins ... or is that Dalmiya wins?

It cannot be seen any other way. Reading the contents of Greg C's email, with so many scathing remarks and accusations, for Ganguly to be "cleared of all charges" is nothing short of a slap in Chappell's face.

U know something ... it may be a mis-communication after all ... maybe Greg C just got his head all mixed up and read deep into things that had no deep seated meanings. Or it might be that he is right on the ball and Ganguly is guilty of most if not all the misdemenours Chappell cited against him. Whatever is true, it is clear that the patch up effected by the board is the worst possible solution. I am a Greg C backer but really, even a Greg C firing would have been a better option to the patch up created. How is this going to work? Who says Chappell won't see things again? Who says Ganguly will not try to undermine Chappell now that his side seems to be the winning side?

Thankfully, we have some cricket to focus on in terms of the Challenger series coming up and then the SL / SA ODI matches. The only silver lining I can see is that on the field of play, there is no Dalmiya and there is no "spin" ... If Ganguly can make his scores, the question of whether he should be in the team or not goes away ... if he doesn't make runs, the same issue will come up again ... maybe a bigger mess than this time. Imagine the scene where Ganguly averages 25 ... but hey, most of the guys average between 20 and 30 ... coz everyone tries to screw one another. The Ganguly camp try to run out the Chappel camp players ... the Chappell camp guys drop catches off the Ganguly camp bowlers ... and so on.

Why is that a silver lining, u ask? Coz if the above does happen, and there is another explosion between coach / captain / vice-captain, it will be much more difficult to smoothen things over.

Man, sounds lame even as I type it. Actually, there is no silver lining.

Anyway, among the recommendations coming from the review committee are -

1. Diff captains for ODI and tests. Does that mean Ganguly will go out of one team ... which one?

2. Changing the five member zonal based selection committee into a three member (irrespective of zone) committee. Damn, I can see three possible candidates right here ... Gavaskar, Shastri and Venkat ... who were part of the review committee. What a coincidence!!!

3. The captain looks after things on the field and the coach does his job. What the heck does that mean anyway?


The Chuckster


  • At Sunday, October 02, 2005 4:53:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Chappell's emails and Ganguly's upmanship are just obscuring the real issue. Ganguly is worse than any of the seven Indian regulars, so if he is made the captain of the SL/ SA series, it would be JP Yadav making way for Tendulkar.

    I read some time ago that selectors were trying to weed out the slow movers. That was when Laxman and Kumble were removed from the ODIs (Bangla?). This would have been the right time to take out Ganguly and one or two of his lazy chums. Are there any good replacements?

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