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Saturday, April 07, 2007

So what do I think?

For me, I am all for most of the steps taken by the BCCI ... I know the BCCI comes out of this smelling of roses and it doesn't deserve that coz it stinks as much as the players do ... but I have one belief ... nothing works perfectly ... to have the players get their butts kicked for treating the Indian team like their personal playground and to get the BCCI's ass kicked for treating Indian cricket according to their whims and fancies. I never believed all this was possible ... hey, i never even believed 1% of this would be possible.

so when the experts on TV are complaining aboutt the BCCI making the players a scapegoat in order to deflect attention from their own dirty house whhich they have made no effort to put in order, I fully appreciate the feeling ... but I also feel that it is ok .... life is not fair ... it isn't about being nice to everyone and living happily ever after ... it is about getting some honour back into the game ... at least let the players play their asses off for the extra 3 lacs they get for a series win ... I have full belief that they wouldn't do so for the country or whatever shit the experts keep barking about. as for the BCCI getting its dose .... well, bhagwaan hai ... sab dekh raha hai ... unka bhi number aaega ... someday sometime (hey, Subhash Chandra might well be it).

So now the BCCI is the only body authorized to run cricket in India .... as the supreme court pointed out (and viciously disputed by the BCCI lawyer in court), this is the Indian cricket team coz a billion Indians believe it to be the Indian cricket team. [Note to all of those who once wrote to me by mail accusing me of stupidity when I pointed this out in a Rediff article titled "Love Tendulkar for who he was" ..... to this day, the case is still in court and BCCI still says they don't select an Indian national cricket team .... don't believe me; get someone trustworthy u know to check the facts]. So now we have the Indian cricket team selected by the BCCI ... and whatever team Subhash Chandra's Zee network selects, it cannot be the Indian team too .... :-) .... so when the BCCI cuts pay and Zee offers more than what they were even getting before under the cushy contract system, how many deshbhakt cricketers will jump ship .... I wonder.

I don't expect it to happen soon ... I expect there to be a bitter battle between players and the BCCI ... but with Zee out there showing the money, it is gonna be one hell of a temptation. One side ... the honour of being in the "Indian team" with less money; and on the other side being in a "non Indian team" with more money. Hmmmmmmm ... how will that one go?

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