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Saturday, April 07, 2007

it was the big bad coach who took away my mojo

So there r all these idiots on TV who say that Pathan, Sehwag, Harbhajan etc are ruined by Chappell. His ways r wierd, they say. Junping on chairs and crawling under tables and wearing different colored hats is as important as practicing bowling / batting etc.

I wonder if people remember a guy named Shane Warne who also is not exactly enamoured by the coaching methods of his team's coach, one Mr. John Buchanan. In fact, there has been a public deplorement of the coach's methods by the bowler more than once. And there is this batsman who might be considered the best batsman in the world today, Mr. Ricky Ponting, who has a different view on the coach ... he thinks he is doing a pretty good job. The coach who has a record now that might never be matched by another coach ... and a leg spinner whose records might again never be matched by any other leg spinner. Who is right and who is wrong?

This is somewhat similar to the Indian scenario .... who is right? The Bhajjis and Sehwags and Zaheers or the Chappels?

Debates might never end but it is important to note one thing here. Shane Warne doesn't like his coach's methods ... neither do Bhajji, Sehwag, Zaheer, etc .... Ponting does like this coach's ways. However, when Shane Warne and Pontinng come onto the field to do what they get paid for, they always perform as expected or better than expected. The Sehwags and Pathans and Zaheers and Bhajjis screw up most of the time.

Shane Warne doesn't have to explain why the coach bothers him so much ... he can just made a sarcastic comment or two and shut up. Coz when he steps onto the field, no one can really question him; his performance ensures that. However, with the Indian players, it is different ... the whole country wonders about the coach's methods simply coz the players screw up big time. If Sehwag scores his runs and Bhajji takes his wickets, the question about Greg's methods really become irrelevant.

In the end, it is upto the pllayer. Shane Warne is good enough. These Indian paper tigers aren't ... so the hide behind the allegations ... oh, he made me crawl under chairs ... oh, he is such a mean man ... we r all scared of him ... if u get two minutes late for practice, he leaves u out of it. Oooh ooohhh ... whine whine. That is why I haven't been able to perform ... that is why I haven't scored a 50 in the past 50 matches .... that is why after the year 2000 when I destroyed Australia, I really haven't done anything of note. It isn't because I am not good enough. It is because of that nasty coach and his methods.

And the public laps it up. We aren't like the Australian team because there is no incentive to be. Cry a sad tale and twenty five TV channels will pick up the cause (till yesterday they would be bashing the samme player because of some other cause).

We don't deserve better!


The Chuckster


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