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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thanks, Mr. Kapil Dev

Don't remember which channel it was ... NDTV or CNN-IBN or what ... but Kapil Dev who was giving expert comments made a very clear and lucid statement - I think Sunil Gavaskar should become the coach of the Indian team.

A big name like Kapil says it ... and on live television ... and Indian cricket is going through so much of muck. Though Gavaskar will try his best to wriggle out of it, he would be hard pressed to do that and still come out sounding like the desh-bhakt that he portrays himself to be.

One thing to thank Kapil for .... Gavaskar was always a choice and the fact that we r all wondering who the coach would be is only coz Gavaskar doesn't touch the position ... it is like SRT among the playing cricketers today ... once he says something or asks something, there is really no one in Indian cricket establishment today who can refuse it to him. Say Gavaskar says - "I would take up the job if offered to me", I bet there is not one administrator who would dare to look around for other options. Coz Gavaskar is just too big a name. However, Gavaskar has never been the coach and never been among the hopefuls either coz he probably doesn't want to do it ... think of it, it is a madcap job. There might be funeral processions take out in his honour and pictures broadcast on TV of fans beating his poster with chappells ... ooops ... chappals and joote.

Even earlier, when the Indian cricket fan was not so mad, Gavaskar could have got the job anytime but he always cited "other" commitments. Namely, the ability to criticize one and all in his commentary and his columns and being the wise man who knows everything .... without having any accountability. Hey, he belongs to the media and he can give his comments and thoughts "after" the match is over as compared to "before" the match as the captain / coach have to do.

Now Kapil has taken his name, I am sure our Indian channels will lose no effort in tom-tom'ing his name all over the place ... and it will become a question of "saving" Indian cricket. I still think Gavaskar will wriggle out of it but Kapil's taking his name has now shifted so much of focus on him that it will be a hard act ... wriggling out with his desh-bhakt image still intact.

Or he might just accept???? Man, that would be awesome .... just because for one I want to see Gavaskar do something for which there needs to be some results and some accountability.

If only wishes came true .... :-)


The Chuckster


  • At Monday, April 09, 2007 4:18:00 PM, Blogger Raman33 said…

    No Gavaskars appointment would be the worst to have happened to Indian cricket.Reasons are below

    1)Sachin will be made to play till 2011 WCUP,probably even more.

    20Hypocricy,Self Pity and Racism will top his coaching list,he is not someone accontable,Gavaskar was the first legend who started this selfish play,he had great skill no doubt but is the prime reason for people like Sachin to play this selfish game with great pride.

    3)South Indian players especially Tamil Nadu players (if at all they make it)will always be discouraged,ignored,antagonised.

    4)Bowlers will never be guided well,he has absolutely no interest in Fast Bowling.

    5)Double standards will be the order of the day,Gavaskar might ask for exclusion of certain players to make it seem that the Selfish play need to be curbed and players with just past glory be kept out,but he will let go the prime suspect and accused in that Sachin to be given a free ride to as long as he wants.
    He is the one who made sure that every time Sachin is questioned the person who does is ridiculed,Gavaskar used to do this a lot in his columns in Sportstar,where in he used to indirectly question the Sachin critic as to how much cricket he has played.

    Sunny is way too thick skinned and stubborn to have a open mind in anything,so unless this posting of yours is sarcastic to say Sunny is the best choice i would feel the above points need to be viewed strongly.


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