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This is a site about drinking beer, eating chips and thinking cricket. I am not a former player, a television commentaror or a journalist; my qualification to being worthy of hearing is that I drink a lot of beer, eat a lot of chips and think a lot about cricket. The thoughts need not be politically correct and often include colourful language but there will be no deliberate bias towards any player, community or state. I don't care about popular opinion or perceptions and I speak it as I see it.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A new development for the blogger in me ... ;-)

Hoi guys
Recently I got offered a chance to blog for a new blogsite coming up at AOL, India. The blog is not 100% active yet but the bloggers contacted by AOL (including self) have started blogging there.

The site is - ... You should be finding the link to this site from the main page soon but it isn't available right now.

Anyways, hope this is the start of something good.

Will try to post here the links of my blog posts, which will re-direct to the AOL site.

The recent posts by me are as follows -