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Monday, September 24, 2007

Captain Different

Captain Different - Maybe this was destiny's way of getting India its next good captain. It probably said - "Oh heck, the BCCI can't do it in a million years; I gotta take a hand myself." Out of the blue, the big three decide not to participate, Yuvraj gets into the bad books of the BCCI, the players start playing like demons and India under Mahender Singh Dhoni absolutely smash their way into the Twenty20 finals.

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To those who missed me - thanks! To those who don't - Hmm, why don't u?

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So I came up with a good idea (heh heh, this is my blog and I get to decide which ideas r good). Everytime I post there, I will post the first paragraph here with a link to the complete article on the AOL blogsite.

This way I get to keep my blog running ... and I still blog for AOL (for the guy who asked previously ... yep, I do get paid but no one tells me what I can write and what I cannot ... that is still my discretion).

My last few posts -

Twenty 20 - not bad by half - Today, I enjoy watching Twenty20 more than when I did at the start of the ongoing World Cup. I can safely say it is growing on me. Earlier, I had watched the Twenty20 match in South Africa which was won by the heroics of Dinesh Karthick but it really needs a tournament like this for a person to see, evaluate and reach judgment. Today, I can see good points and bad points in the format which some days back only seemed to me to be 'circus cricket', for want of a better phrase.

Dravid needs to sing like a lark - There are a lot of people who think what happens in the dressing room ought to stay in the dressing room. In most cases, I would agree with the same but the strange case of the captain who resigned when at the top suggests to me that it might be better to change the rules a bit here.

12 'O clock, Dravid resigns as captain and all is well; 1 'O clock... - I borrow a paragraph from this article, though it has no relation to cricket. I can't say it better if I tried my damnest - In a recent 'Wizard of Id' cartoon strip, the town crier announces, "Six O'clock and time for lies, distortions, and half truths." A citizen pokes his head out the window and asks, "What happened to the news?" The crier replies, "This is the news!"

Answer - Twenty20 IS an old man's game - Ah, the answer to the question I put up in the last post! Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly will indeed be part of the new slam-bang quickie format, named the IPL, or the Indian Premier League. How could they ever not be?

The BCCI's Twenty20: Is it still a young man's game? - The Twenty20 league being planned by the BCCI is going to put some current Indian players in a fix. None more so than the big three - SRT, Ganguly and Dravid.