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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Number crunching ... that they earned and what they will earn

Note - I cannot vouch for these numbers ... just reporting what I heard on TV.

the news channels r freaking out with all the steps announced by the BCCI today. I too have many comments but it is too much to be written now. Now will just try to put up a couple of short items I got from news channels and bring up something big a bit later.

I think it was headlines today that gave this statistic. They compared the old payment system and the new payment system keepingn in mind the last one year. By the old contract calculation, the grade A players made around 1 crore 40 lakhs in the last one year through their contract fees, match fees etc (note - this does not include endorsement money). grade b players made 1 crore 5 lakhs or so. grade c players made 88 lakhs or so.

so they again calculated the money the same players would earn in the coming year if they played the same amount of matches with the same results as were achieved in the last year. Hold ur breath .... grade A, grade B and Grade C players, since they all now earn the same and there is nothing called a grade anymore .... would earn a grand total of 48 lakhs in the entire year keeping in mind their performance (wins / losses etc). they then changed the statistic and said - immagine the team won all the series played last year. according to the new payment system, all players would now earn .... hold ur breaths again .... around 70 lakhs.

ha ha ha ha .... i think tonight there r gonna be some sooooooooo pissed players. Man, I for one wouldn't be surprised if there is a player revolt (the only thing i doubt is who has the balls to lead one .... except for Ganguly, I really doubt anyone else has) or strike or something. it is not as if the money is less or something ... but this is a major rap on the knuckles for the players .... the board is basically saying a statement - we think u r overpaid losers.

Of course the board itself is no Saint Mary but that is another story. Man, I expect fireworks.


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