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Monday, October 01, 2007

India awesome, Chappell laughing, Luck with the Indians?

India has been awesome - Everyone has his own biases, little or big, and I am no exception. If I write this post tomorrow or after the Twenty20 final gets over, definitely the bias of the happenings in that match will reflect in my assessment. So based on the Indian team's performance at the Twenty20 World Cup, up to and including the semi-final against Australia, here goes nothing! Click here to read complete article

Chappell's vision was not so bad after all - Somewhere in Australia, a man reviled in India not so long ago must be having a hearty laugh. When Greg Chappell became the coach of the Indian team, he brought a vision with him. Click here to read complete article

Luck favours the brave - While there is a lot of euphoria over India's Twenty20 win, there are also those who look to throw cold water on the achievement by quoting the luck factor. There aren't so many right now, but I am sure that with the passage of time, and assuming India don't always win every match they play from now on, I can see many in the fickle Indian public, including the "experts" on TV, joining the current minority. Click here to read complete article


  • At Monday, October 01, 2007 9:10:00 AM, Anonymous Sherul said…

    greg chappel made ruined indian cricket. i must agree with you that his vision was correct...youth is what made india successfull... however the atmosphere he created was the reason why india forgot how to play... with the same team that went to south africa with greg chappel as coach wouldnt have done well. he sent out this negative vibes. i doubt he'll ever become coach again

  • At Thursday, October 18, 2007 1:06:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't understand what's so special about GC's vision with youth. If you check, you'll find that under SG-JW, more youngsters have made debuts and become successful. Every coach will put importance on fielding, RBW. What's so different about GC's method then? Has he turned a bad fielder into a good filder? Or should good fielding skills of some cricketers like Utthappa and Raina go to GC now? I can't recall anyone crediting JW for Yuvraj's or Kaif's fielding skills. The fact is whoever is a good fielder in the team today is because of his own hard work and skills. Nobody has become a better fielder under any coach. On the other hand, GC's chamcha Frazer screwed Pathan's career with his biomechanics funda.


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