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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dhoni not a darling anymore among his fellow Jharkhandis

Saw this story on star news a while back ... was too good not to share.

So there is Mahender Singh Dhoni, apna puttar from backward Jharkhand who became a star. He got alloted land by the govt and decided to make this huge house there (they showed the plot of land and believe me u, five of us could make our hosues there ... of course, i don't know the size in square yards etc but it looked bloody big).

so everyone was happy that apna puttar had put their state on the map and nothing he might do could be termed wrong. except the neighbors who have their houses besides the place where his house is coming up. seems Dhoni bhaiya likes swimming and decided to keep a swimming pool in his house ... what is a house without a swimming pool, hain na?

so he dug four borewells in his land .... so he could keep the water in his swimming pool nice and fresh. one, two, three .... four bloody borewells. And that pissed off his neighbors like hell. I don't know Jharkhand but if it is somethign like Hyderabad, summer is gonna make u struggle for water ... and there is this chap with four borewells around ur land taking all the ground water for his swimming pool.

seems a complaint has been lodged ... if star news lets me know what happens next, i will be sure to pass it on.


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